How to Get Rid Of a UTI Naturally. Simple Remedies For Urine Infection

By admin | March 20, 2012

UTI is a common condition and is found more to occur in women than men. One in five women develops a UTI during her lifetime.  Learning how to get rid of a UTI naturally is both better and safer for you.  It will avoid any side effects that might result from the use of antibiotics. If the infection is relatively new with mild symptoms, all that needs to be done is take the necessary precautions to eliminate the pain and prevent the infection from spreading.

If left untreated, the bacteria can easily work its way up into the urinary tract, causing further infection and even severe damage to the kidneys. This can turn even more painful than the original UTI itself and lead to other health hazards which could turn out to be long term problems. Fortunately, UTIs do respond well to natural treatments.

Although antibiotics can bring about temporary relief, typically, those under treatment with this type of medication can have at least 1 repeat attack within a few weeks.

Let us look at some common, popular all-natural ways to deal with your urine infection:

How To Get Rid Of A UTI Naturally

Liquids will help flush out the infection so increase your intake of fluids. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Water will dilute the urine and prevent it from burning when you need to urinate.

Other than water you can try a home remedy of making a barley flavored drink. Simple to make, boil barley and add to a mug full of water. For a little natural flavor, squeeze in some lemon, sweeten with honey and drink up.

Another herbal option to get rid of a UTI is to prepare a parsley tea. Parsley is responsible for providing the body with apiol, an oil which appears to have antiseptic properties for the urinary tract. Boil water and let parsley steep for about 10 minutes.

A very popular remedy which you may have heard of is to drink up cranberry juice. Cranberry supplements are also available and can be taken in daily doses. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can be especially helpful as cranberries have been observed to prevent the bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract walls. Plus, they also have antioxidant properties.

To get rid of a UTI naturally, take vitamin C tablets or supplements. Vitamin C is an instant boost to the body’s immunity and helps regulate bacteria that cause the infection. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables because they are useful in getting your daily dose of vitamin C as well as other vitamins and minerals. Zinc is also important to supplement as it assists in the absorption of vitamin C.

Make sure to use the washroom regularly. Urinate often as this will also help flush out the infection, even though it may burn to do so.  If you are drinking fluids adequately, you will need to use the washroom more often and this is beneficial if you have a urine infection.

Avoid wearing any tight or synthetic clothing. Tight trousers are a strictly off the list. Instead go for loose clothing and comfortable fabrics like cotton. Undergarments should also be made of cotton to avoid discomfort.

In case of severe pain you can put a heating pad or use a hot water bottle on the abdomen for relief. Remember that learning how to get rid of a UTI naturally will strengthen the body’s immune system against future attacks.

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